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There’s nothing quite as sweet as a newborn baby. From the wrinkly little feet and wispy baby hair to the contented sighs of a milk-drunk infant as it drops off to sleep, babies are magical; and a new birth is a cause for celebration.   In this industry, I’ve heard dozens of stories of grandparents, friends, or family members who want to find special baby gift ideas to celebrate a new birth but aren’t sure what to purchase. While store-bought baby gifts & flowers are always thoughtful, they often wind up overwhelming new parents who are drowning in a sea of flowers in their hosp..
If you’ve got a new baby in your family, or a dear friend has just welcomed a little bundle of joy, it’s time to shop for baby gifts. While personalised baby gifts are functional and practical (newborns can be messy and additional bodysuits are always welcome!), they’re also a special way to celebrate a life-changing occasion. Here are some of my favourite baby gifts to honour a new arrival:   ·         Teething rings. Teething rings are practical, useful, and helpful for new parents. While it will be several months before the baby starts teet..
Say hello to a newborn with our beautifully practical Babyboxes There’s nothing like a personalized gift to welcome a newborn baby to the world.  Imagine the smile on the parents’ faces when they open your present at the hospital knowing you are celebrating their amazing news with them.  Welcoming a Newborn with Personalized Baby Gifts Sending a customised and contemporary wrapped baby hamper is a much more practical and thoughtful present than the usual flowers or balloons.  Giving something personalized on the day of birth will make the gesture more special and unforg..
In the words of Albert Einstein, “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” New birth is a reason to celebrate; and where there’s a reason to celebrate, there’s a reason to give gifts. Take the guesswork out of shopping for the perfect baby gift online with our customized and unique baby boxes. What are they? We all know that every baby has practical needs, but we believe that parents should be pampered too. So we have customized our baby hampers to balance the practical needs of the baby while spoiling the mum too! Our selection of..
Welcoming a new addition to the family is one of the most special and life-changing events anyone can hope to experience. Whether the newcomer is baby number one or baby number five, family life is always turned upside down in wonderful and unimaginable ways, and one thing is for sure - nothing will ever be quite the same again! As lovely as this adjustment can be, adapting to new routines and family dynamics can also be testing and overwhelming, even for the most prepared or experienced mums and dads. For them, the first few months of their new baby’s life can flash by in a haze of stress,..
Year 1: Celebrating Baby, Siblings, Mum And (Don’t Forget) Dad
When a newborn comes into the world they bring with them a kind of glow that fills every corner of the house. They also create loss of sleep and exhaustion. You want to find the perfect gifts to celebrate how exceptional this occasion is while also being sensitive to the way life has changed for everyone. Fortunately, the first year offers tons of easy and beautifully pampering solutions for making the new family feel loved and less stressed.   Take advantage of that first year’s 12 months If you look at year one of a new baby in the house as more than the first year home, it ope..
Its Christmas Time Again
“Its that exciting Christmas time again! I love Christmas – I even love all the stress that goes with it!  I insist on a real Christmas tree every year because I love the smell in house, it reminds me of being a kid again.  The last few years though the trees don’t seem to radiate a lot of smell anymore?  Has anyone else noticed this?  My friend has recently bought one of those trees (artificial) that you just pull up and its all done, baubles and all... I couldn’t do it, every year I have a fantasy in my head that my kids and I will decorate the tree as Bing Crosby Christm..
Great Christmas Ideas for New or Soon-To-Be Mums and Babies
If you’re trying to come up with great baby gift ideas for new mums and babies this Christmas, look no further than Baby Boxes. Don’t waste cash on having flowers delivered to a new mum. They’re only going to be thrown out a few days later. Instead, send a gorgeous present that is not only going to be cherished, but one that will be useful and memorable too. Why not choose a present box for baby’s first Christmas, or to send to a mum-to-be for her imminent due date? Unique Gifts for Unique Babies With so many hampers and products out there, just how do you choose the right gift for a ..
A quick question for you; what present do you give a new mum? Like most people you will come up with flowers, which most likely may not even leave the hospital ward. If you get a chance to go out to the shops to buy a gift, it can often be daunting to work out sizes, match colours and before you know it, you’ve spent an hour or two in the baby section of myer! Because we have been doing this for the past 13 years, we decided to create a new baby boxes blog to help those looking to buy a gift for their new mum friend. At Baby Boxes we appreciate how hard it gets sometimes to find the ideal b..
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