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Wrapping Baby For Settling & Sleeping

Its a good idea to wrap or swaddle your baby to prepare for them sleep.  When your baby is wrapped up nice and snug they feel comforted and it resembles being back in the womb for them.  Wrapping/swaddling also prevents babies from waking themselves up when asleep.  Babies have some jerky arm movements in their sleep and can sometimes hit themselves in the face causing them to wake.

Organisations such as Karitane, Sids & Kids, most midwives and most maternity hospitals all promote wrapping (swaddling) for sleeping and settling your baby.



Begin with your wrap laid down and the top folded down

1. Start with your swadding wrap laid
down and folded down at the top,
placing baby gentle on their back.

2. Place baby's arm under the fold and
the pull the wrap across the body and
tuck under the arm on the other side.

3.  Do the same with the other side, folding
baby's arm under the wrap & take
the wrap over the other side.

4. This way the arms are kept nice and
snug across the baby's chest.

5. This will prevent baby's arms disturbing sleep with jerky movements that babies
tend to make when sleeping.


6.  Now baby is all tucked in and ready
for a good sleep, remember to always
place baby on their back for sleeping.


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